Our Products and Services

Infrastructure (IaaS)

Elastic compute and storage resources when you need them.

Object Storage

"Infinite", 24/7 globally-accessible storage.

Hosting (PaaS & SaaS)

Suitable for standard and custom applications.

Advice & Services

With you every step of the way while you leap into the Cloud.


We offer hands-off or managed virtual private Infrastructure (IaaS): elastic servers, networking, and storage.

We understand that different customers have different requirements, which is why we don’t try to shoehorn them into standard-sized environments; you are free to decide how much processing power, memory, storage and bandwidth you require, allowing optimally-sized environments that reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), with the assurance that your infrastructure can be scaled up or down whenever the need arises.

  • Customers can choose from a range of guest operating systems with powerful Open Source implementations available at no extra licensing cost.
  • Workloads can be orchestrated and interfaced through industry-standard OpenStack dashboards and APIs.

Object Storage

Geneva Privacy's Object Storage offering is powered by our carefully engineered, fully redundant, infrastructure.

The underlying implementation ensures optimal availability and security of our customers’ data, among others by storing every piece of data three times on separate hosts as standard. It also affords dynamic scalability to accommodate growing capacity requirements whenever they arise.

Access is provided through industry-standard Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift APIs as well as a native API (to be used in conjunction with our IaaS offerings) for use cases seeking peak performance in custom applications.

Cloud Hosting (PaaS & SaaS)

We provide tailored execution environments to host applications, whether custom-developed or off-the-shelf packages.

  • This lets you focus on your business' core competencies and added value, being confident that you can rely on highly dependable and secure hosting in the cloud.
  • We are also able to offer custom software development, drawing on one of our founders' 20+ years' experience in engineering business and latency-critical applications at some of the world’s leading financial institutions.


We recognize that, whilst the economics of “moving to the cloud” are reasonably well understood, there remain a number of daunting questions around critical aspects: quality, security and service.

We pride ourselves in engaging with our customers rather than enticing them to just "push the button" (and then wait for disaster to strike).

  • We begin the migration process by carefully designing an initial environment tailored to your specific requirements. Environments can then be easily adjusted to respond to your business needs (whether up- or down-scaling).
  • We also offer comprehensive support packages to help you confidently make the leap into the Cloud without it feeling like a leap of faith.

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