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About Geneva Privacy

  • Security, reliability and performance.
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What makes us different

The name of our company serves as a constant reminder of our core focus on delivering one the of world’s most secure and environmentally-friendly cloud service.

Security is delivered through our industry-leading security triple-play. The environmental focus is achieved by careful selection of energy efficient hardware and real-time monitoring of each individual piece of equipment's consumption. Our equipment is 100% powered from renewable energy sources.

  • We're also big on Open Source software – particularly OpenStack – and hardware... We pledge to give back to the Community as much of the tremendous value we reap from their efforts as possible.
  • The market is replete with push-button/credit-card-swipe cloud “solutions” engaged in a cut-throat race to the bottom with quality, security and service-levels going the same way as prices. We're not interested in being part of this; we listen to our customers' requirements and provide tailored solutions that meet their needs.

Our Security Triple-play

Security is paramount to everything we do; a key goal being to make cloud hosting of your data and applications more secure than own premises. Our offering covers following crucial aspects:

  • Jurisdiction: your data is protected under the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act, rightly recognised as one of the best data domiciles in the world.
  • Physical: your data is hosted in a data centre located in the heart of Switzerland, one of the most privacy-valueing countries.
  • Logical: our cloud infrastructure is protected by one of the world’s most advanced security fabric.

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